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Desiree Burrell Spa Owner Minneola FL

About Desiree T. Burrell

Master Esthetician

Desiree T. Burrell graduated from the High School of Performing Arts (AKA LaGuardia) as a Drama major. Desiree worked as an actor in NYC as well as Los Angeles till 2001. In between jobs she also worked as a model as well as a manager for Sag Harbor’s first Spa named Belle Epoque, for Adreinne Morrell. Desiree left Sag Harbor for LA in 1997 to continue working as an actor. Successful as she was in the industry she realized her passion for the business side was less than desirable and she chose to change careers in 2001.

Desiree continued her education in San Diego in Aesthetics receiving a wealth of knowledge from prestigious Doctors, wonderful instructors and premier estheticians. Having been already very passionate about esthetics, Desiree took it upon herself to research and continue getting certified in Advanced Aesthetics. Desiree then went back up to Los Angeles to work for one of LA’s most sought after Aesthtican Matty Solomon, who’s reputation surpassed many due to her working on Hollywood’s “A-list” celebrities. “I love Matty, she taught me a lot and still continues to,” Desiree says of her experience working out West.

Desiree climbed the ladder to medical consultant for the largest Aesthetic firm on the West Coast then managed a Laser Spa for 2 years before becoming a practice manager for a well known reconstructive Doctor in Beverly Hills.

In 2012 Desiree moved to Minneola Florida to be closer to her family and was blessed with Restoration March 2013. She was then blessed with her husband Walt in August 2013.

“Having been on both sides of the spectrum, I like to restore skin from the inside out. My clients have beautiful resilient results and it’s the healthiest way of restoring skin.

Europe has its finger on the pulse of skin care, so I usually follow Europe. This business is ever changing, you have to know your skin and been around long enough to weed out what will truly benefit a client in the long run.

Someone entrusting you with their face is an honor and one I take very seriously. I thought this way from the first treatment I did back in 2001.”  – Desiree

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