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About Desiree T. Burrell

Licensed California Aesthetician since 2001
Licensed Florida Aesthetician since 2012
Licensed Cosmetology Spa Owner since 2013
Licensed with Florida Department of Health Biomedical waste – Tattoo/Body Piercing Operating Permit
Licensed Tattoo Artist

CCRT (collagen rejuvenation therapy)
DMK Paramedical Therapist

Florida is a beautiful state to live in but our skin is the first thing to become compromised. We have the highest rate of skin cancer as well as other known skin conditions. Good new is we have choices other than surgery to prevent advanced aging, rosacea, acne and hyperpigmentation. DMK treatments are healthy and effective ways to treat conditions with accomplished desired results. The treatments are good for you internally as well as externally. We do not use toxic ingredients that could compromise the liver or kidneys.

CRT, is a highly effective way to reestablish a cushy collagen level within the skin to smooth out lines, sagging, scars and/or pigmentation.

Desiree, has worked as a practice manager for plastic surgeons and dermatologist in Los Angeles California. She started out as an Aesthetician in 2001 and advanced to medical consultant, then practice manager, always learning and changing with the times.

Desiree opened up for practice in Clermont/Minneola in 2013 but still continues her education in Los Angeles every few months.

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