Advanced Treatment Packages

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Pigmented Acne/ Acne/ Acne Scarring Treatments

The treatments are specifically targeted to treat vulgaris acne, hyper pigmentation due to acne (trauma) and acne scarring. Highly effective in eliminating acne, restoring pigment and diminishing acne scarring. See before and after.

Suggested Package:  8 Dermatude & 8 Sapphire Blue/LightWave LED Therapy

Restorative Therapy

This Light Therapy Treatment is EXCELLENT for Rosacea, Psoriasis, Pigmented, Sluggish, Dehydrated and Aging skin types.

This treatment is specifically patented to eradicate inflammation in the system. This very specific LED is also FDA Patented to grow tissue (aka collagen) faster by raising ATP levels, restoring the system from the outside IN. Highly detoxing in Lymphatic drainage, Muscle Restoration and reducing pore size. DermaKinetics Therapy is infused adding peptides, vitamins, stem cells and growth factors into the dermis by ultrasound.

Suggested Package: 8

HydroPlus Treatment

HydraPlus Facials has become one of the most desired treatments in the skin care industry. Hydraplus targets most skin conditions in just one treatment. ALTAIR being the most reputable company in microdermabrasion and its Hydro Wand, infuses serums into the skin while exfoliating it leaving skin hydrated and glowing. Great for scarring, Rosacea , Aging or pigment. This well rounded diverse treatment is a must try for all occasions!

More serious skin conditions a package of six is recommended.

Dermatude is Here! The Non-Surgical Face-Lift

Learn About Dermatude Here

Dermatude Non-Surgical Facelift

Dermatude has won BEST European Treatment for 5 years straight, having only come to the USA 2 years ago. Rodeo Drive, Well-known Plastic surgeon raves about this highly effective non-invasive line removal treatment. Glabella lines (frown lines) Crows feet, Smile lines, fine lines will wish they never formed. No Chemicals and No Lasers.

Suggested Package: 8


The Ultimate Non-Surgical Face-Lift

Specifically for sagging, loss of collagen with wrinkles.

This treatment is formulated to Lift, Smooth and Restore! We accomplish this Non-Surgical Face-Lift with patented and skilled precision! The true red carpet treatment with lasting and amazing results! See before and afters of actual clients.

Packages Available For Face or Face, Neck and Décolletage