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DMK Layer 6 Peel & Treatment

This treatment is for those who are challenged with hyperpigmentation, fine lines and signs of aging. This aggressive treatment has clients peeling for up to 7 days. Sun must be avoided and commit to 3 skin revision facials prior to treatment. Treatment week must have three visits within a week.

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DMK Remodeling Procedure (RP)

This treatment is formulated per visit to rebuild the structure of the skin due to severe sun damage, depletion of collagen and hyperpigmentation. Commitment to three visits within one week. Must have 4 skin revision therapy facial’s prior to treatment.

DMK Alkaline Wash

DMK’s very effective line and scar removing treatment. There is no other treatment like this in all the world. One treatment has dramatic results. Must have 4 visits of DMK enzyme therapy prior to this line removal treatment.

DMK Bihaku Series

This treatment is for people who suffer from deep pigmentation conditions. Highly effective and results driven. No toxic agents that could compromise your system.

DMK A-Lift Series

This highly effective treatment is for those who have sagging aged skin.

Dermatude is Here! The Non-Surgical Face-Lift

Learn About Dermatude Here

Dermatude Non-Surgical Facelift

Dermatude has won BEST European Treatment for 5 years straight, having only come to the USA 2 years ago. Rodeo Drive, Well-known Plastic surgeon raves about this highly effective non-invasive line removal treatment. Glabella lines (frown lines) Crows feet, Smile lines, fine lines will wish they never formed. No Chemicals and No Lasers.

Suggested Package: 8


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The Ultimate Non-Surgical Face-Lift

Specifically for sagging, loss of collagen with wrinkles.

This treatment is formulated to Lift, Smooth and Restore! We accomplish this Non-Surgical Face-Lift with patented and skilled precision! The true red carpet treatment with lasting and amazing results! See before and afters of actual clients.

Packages Available For Face or Face, Neck and Décolletage

All treatments are formulated each session to optimize skins functionality and overall result.