About Restoration @ Desiree’s Wellness Spa

Restoration @ Desiree’s Wellness Spa is known for reestablishing collagen and elasticity in aging clients.

Many say is that possible? The answer is absolutely!

However, it doesn’t come without commitment to yourself and the program that is tailored specifically to you.

Growing your own tissue (collagen) takes at least six months before the signs actually show. Once the process is started it is crucial to keep up with it in order to either maintain or continue on the journey of restoration. Could you imagine looking better at 70 than you did at 60 without having surgery? No lines, better elasticity and bouncy hydrated skin? Clients are always surprised and please when we are finished with a program. Just like committing to a body transformation, we are committed to a Skin Restoration. It’s the same concept, it’s all about being healthy inside and out and it shows!

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About Desiree T. Burrell

Licensed California Aesthetician since 2001
Licensed Florida Aesthetician since 2012
Licensed Cosmetology Spa Owner since 2013

CCRT  CIT  (collagen induction therapy)
DMK Paramedical Therapist

Desiree has been a licensed esthetician for almost 20 years. 8 years licensed in Florida as the owner of Restoration @ Desiree’s Wellness Spa & Boutique.

She started her career in Los Angeles, California as Actress & model in movies and commercials.

Desiree worked with renowned doctors in LA as a medical esthetician. She advanced her career by becoming a medical consultant and in her last year in LA, Desiree worked for a prominent reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills as a practice manager. Working for other doctors helped Desiree to understand better what her passion was for helping people with skin conditions. Restoring skin is a rewarding commitment that never gets old!

“I wanted to build from the inside out, restoring what was compromised. Fortunately I’ve been able to fulfill my clients and my hopes in rebuilding and restoring what we lose as we age. It’s a commitment like anything else and you’re worth it.”

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