Bridal Skin Regime & Treatments

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Your Bridal Skin Regime

Get That Wedding Glow

Every bride wants to walk down that aisle, with all eyes on them, and the perfect wedding day skin – clear, dewy and soft. But, achieving that isn’t always easy. The trick? Starting early with our DMK Bridal Skin Regime & Treatments.

DMK focuses on the skin at a deeper level through enzyme treatments. We offer treatments and peels starting 8-months in advance, to 6-weeks before the big day, and to last-minute night before treatments like the DMK Foamy Lift and Tight in a Night products. Let us help you achieve the perfect day, with the perfect skin.

DMK Bridal Facial & Skin Treatments
Before and After Photos of Effective Acne Skin Peel

Pre-Wedding Skin Peels

Wishing for a fresh face on your wedding day? Plagued with bad acne and spots that you wish were gone? Get the sought after, dewy bridal skin with the DMK Six-Layer Peel. This paramedical procedures includes the initial skin peel treatment, two follow-up treatments and at-home use products.

Working like other peels, levels of discomfort and discoloration can be experienced, but the results are worth it. Don’t believe us? Take Alisa’s word for it: “After the initial treatment, I noticed results in less than a week—it was amazingly quick, so I stuck with it. The physical changes were really dramatic; I was truly amazed.”

Bridal Skin Bootcamp

When it comes to your wedding day complexion, the pressure is high to look your best. Relying solely on make-up to make you feel beautiful isn’t enough—it starts with your skin. Know you will wake-up feeling great on the big day (and the morning after) with these Wedding Skin Do’s and Dont’s.

  1. Don’t leave it too late to start a skin revision program. If you really want to address your skin concerns see your paramedical technician and devise a plan six months beforehand. That way if you want to incorporate a peel, or a treatment that requires down-time, you have time on your side.
  2. Do commit to the cause. If you sign-up for a program, be sure to see it out. If you fall off the wagon half way through, you will be selling yourself short of the amazing results your therapist had planned for you.
  3. Do follow your home regime to maintain your results between treatments and leading up to your big day.
  4. Do perform a treatment the night before or the morning of your big day. This is great if you are after that last little lift. Our favorite is the Tight in a Night Treatment.
Bridal Boot Camp for Perfect Wedding Skin
Flawless Bridal Skin
Enzyme Skin Treatment for Perfect Skin

Head To Toe Bridal Skincare

Weddings are the one time to really invest in head-to-toe skincare.

There’s more to looking flawless than just a glowing complexion, and there are many other treatments available to have you looking like the bride of all brides.

Body Sculpting. To ensure you look glam in those honeymoon photos, the 12 week Body Firming Program is your best friend in terms of reducing cellulite, aiding weight loss and firming and sculpting utilizing a combination of Body Sculpting and Body Enzyme Therapies.

Fabulous Feet. Go beyond the standard Mani-Pedi—it’s time to remove any callouses and dry, hardened areas and leave your flawless feet to shine in your wedding shoes. A treatment adored by many brides is the MediPedi, an effective, quick treatment which removes hardened skin and callouses in one treatment without blades and rasping.

Those Pesky Bumps. When everything else is covered up, the arms can become a focal point, and one condition that many women struggle with is the bumpy, and sometimes red, skin on the back of the arms. DMK’s Follicuzyme Treatment is a unique treatment designed specifically to treat this condition and has helped many brides flaunt flawless arms on their big day.

Start Working Towards Flawless Wedding Skin!

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Tight Skin In A Night

The combination of age-busting ingredients firms and creates ‘bounce’ in ageing skin.

Amandine spritz contains aminoguanodine, which dissolves the excess sugaring on the collagen fibres, which causes glycation. This appears as the collapsing and ‘cross linked’ wrinkling particularly on the cheek.

The process is called glycosylation and it presents in forms other than facial wrinkle groups. Blood vessels also can become sylated, which presents as stiff and aged vascularity. Vascular glycosylation presents as general redness and vascular matting and can also be positively affected with Amandine Spritz.


  • Use the night before your big event.
  • If every day is an event, you can use the regime nightly.
  • The results will last 24 hours and will not be affected by makeup.
Tight in a Night Regime