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DMK Oxygen Enzyme Facials

Restorations DMK Oxygen Enzyme Skin Treatment Facials

DMK treatments are unlike any treatment or facial.  ALL  Restoration DMK treatments leave you feeling restored inside and out. Each treatment is formulated per client, addressing everything from rosacea, psoriasis, eczema advanced aging to pigmentation. Everyone of any skin condition would benefit considering there are more than 1,000,000 treatments documented and proven highly effective.

DMK Enzyme Facial Cosmo Review
  • DMK Oxygen Enzyme Therapy – 2 Hours – (as seen in Cosmo and Entertainment tonight)

  • DMK Oxygen Enzyme Therapy For Acne – 2 Hours – (Photos To The Right)

  • DMK Enzyme Skin Revision with LED Therapy – 2 Hours
    Excellent for dull, sluggish, lipid dry, rosacea, pigmented and aging skin types. Jump start your system and skin into a glowing youthful you.

  • DMK Enzyme Acne Skin Revision with LED Therapy – 2 Hours
    Highly effective treatment at all stages of acne. Also see Evacuderm

  • DMK Enzyme Bihaku (Hyperpigmentation Skin Therapy) with LED Therapy – 2 hours
    Generally a series is needed in the treatment of pigmentation but couple with light therapy this treatment is the healthiest and most effective on treating Melasma, and other pigment issues.

  • DMK Enzyme Stretch Mark Skin Revision with LED Therapy – 1 Hour 45 Min
    Excellent in treating ALL types of scarring.

  • DMK Enzyme Skin Lifting Muscle Banding with LED Therapy – 2 Hours
    No more jowls, marionettes or turkey neck! See before and afters!

  • DMK Medi-Pedi Treatment (dissolves seriously calloused skin that traditional pedicures don’t address) – 30 Min

  • DMK Follicuzyme Skin Treatment is designed to effectively treat folliculitis (patchy red bumps on upper arms, legs or side of body) ingrown hairs anywhere on the body.

  • DMK Evacuderm Treatment is for deep-seated areas of congestion. NOT a treatment for the whole face. Couple with LED therapy this non-toxic and highly effective treatment heals the deep infected areas within days. Note: the client will be responsible for showing up to 3 appointments and home care.

  • DMK Eliminare Skin Treatment is for fragile capillaries, congested skin and vascular scarring. This treatment is formulated to flush and eradicate deep congestion and redness.

  • DMK Hydradermaze Skin Treatment is designed for very congested, aging, wrinkles and sun damage skins. This is an advance treatment by DMK 

  • Mother-of-the-Bride Skin Treatment is a highly effective facial treatment is for those who have a very special occasion and have time restraints.

DMK Acne Enzyme Treatment
DMK Acne Enzyme Treatment
DMK Enzyme anti aging treament
DMK enzyme acne treatment
DMK Skin Pigment Balancing
right side before after facial photos
left side before after facial photos

What Is Enzyme Skin Therapy?

Restorations Customized Facial Treatments

Each treatment is specifically designed to treat and rebuild your skin by using numerous forms of therapies. Always a good skin treatment if on the go or in town for only a short time. 120 mins

Add ons


Cool Peels- 125.00

CIT Therapy with growth factors 225.00

Meta Therapy 150.00


white lily restoration facials

Tama Blue Onyx Quad Non-Surgical Facelift Package

Tama is of the highest technology when it comes to micro-current, dominating the non-surgical facelift industry with it’s Tama Blue Onyx Quad.

Coupled with DMK’s muscle banding treatment this is absolutely the most effective non-surgical treatment available with lasting results! For more information visit Tama at tamaresearch.com.

Package of 12 Treatments Suggested. 120 minutes

Packages are suggested for Non-surgical facelift along with Dermatude. Treatments are CUMULATIVE!

View Package Information Here

Restoration does require 24 hours notice to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment.
$50.00 will be charged for no-show.  Some appointments require a deposit for first time guests.