I had an absolutely wonderful facial Sunday!! It was a new experience with even more pampering 🙂

My skin feels and looks amazing!!  I can also see my lips now too and in only 2 days!!  Desiree is just an amazing, caring and sweet person!  Must try this and no worries she will make you feel completely relaxed!

Love you Desiree!!

Lou-Ann Prato MacMorran
  • Before After Acne Scar Removal Facial Heather

My mom and I were just talking about how amazing my face still is and how I’m not afraid to leave the house with nothing but mascara on my lashes (and clothes of course lol). When I was younger I would hide my face behind layers of caked on make-up.

After years of acne and terrible scaring my face is starting to heal and look like my face again.  Love you Des, you have made a huge impact in my life and self-esteem!

I am sincerely blessed to have found her and I highly recommend calling her for a consult no matter what type of skin issues you have!

Heather Filegar

I have been a loyal and satisfied customer at Restoration@Desiree’s Wellness SPA Boutique since it opened. The SPA is inviting, clean, and relaxing. The service is functional and unmatched.

Desiree is first of all a wonderful person; she is compassionate, dedicated to her customers, kind, considerate, and caring. Equally as important, she is exceptionally knowledgeable and competent. She individualizes her services based on careful consideration of each person’s needs. I couldn’t be happier with my results and will continue as a regular!

Connie L
If you never do anything for yourself ( or if you do everything for yourself ) you owe yourself a visit to Restoration at Desiree’s Wellness SPA. The facials are out of this world. Nothing like you have every experienced . After one visit you’ll want to go back again and again.

Desiree has a wealth of knowledge about skin and muscle tone. Her SPA has a very relaxed atmosphere and I look forward to my next visit just to let the world fade away for a while. Thank you for your hard work and kind heart, Desiree!
See you again soon,

Linda Prato
This information concerns my experience with a six week successful treatment of my diabetic neuropathy by Desiree Titone at Restoration@Desiree’s Wellness Spa in Clermont, Florida. Before entering the treatment, I suffered from consistent numbness in my toes, tingling and burning of my feet. The six weekly treatments included sessions using a micro current LED with oxygen at the spa, along with home treatments. The home treatments include the use of daily pure oxygen plasma and msm serum of the feet, 2-3 times a week, soaking of the feet in MSM bath salt, and 2-3 times a week application of an E-Toxal mask followed by wrapping the feet and lower legs with warm towels.

I can say that the total treatment has been successful in relieving the pain. I do not experience tingling and burning of the feet and rarely experience numbness. I am totally satisfied with the treatment, and plan to continue a maintenance program at Restoration@ Desiree’s.

James Lorthridge, PhD
My facial skin issues started many years ago. I remember my mother telling me for years to go to the doctor to find out what was wrong with my skin because I had a face covered with inflamed red patches. I just used makeup to cover it up. So I went to a dermatologist and he treated my psoriasis with a chemo cream then blue light phototherapy. During the treatment they put fans all around your head because it burns so bad. The first treatment wasn’t to bad, but the second one two weeks later was the most painful thing next to giving birth that I has been through. I had to use cotton balls for five days to wash my face because of the pain. My face was scalding red with blisters. I will admit it looked great after a few months of healing. Then over time it all started coming back, which the MD said it would. So last fall I knew another visit to a dermatologist was coming, but I dreaded going through that painful treatment again. I schedule a relaxing facial and massage at a local spa and that is where I met Desiree. I laid back, she took one look at my face and said, oh honey I can help you. I thought that sounded better than going to the dermatologist because I knew what they had to offer. I thought why not let her try. What did I have to lose. That was almost a year ago and my facial skin looks so awesome. I have had people compliment me on not having wrinkles and looking like I’m in my mid 40s…I’m 57. I love my facials with Desiree because she doesn’t use harsh chemicals and it doesn’t hurt. It’s a relaxing facial with therapeutic results. I love the products she has introduced me to to help keep my psoriasis under control.