Advanced Skin Restoration Packages

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DMK A-Lift Package with TAMA MC

A 12 week program that tightens and firms neck and jowls. A RP (remodeling procedure should be done before this package.) Lightwave therapy added to this treatment. See B&A’s

Series of 12 – $3000

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Dermaplaning Scarring and Aging w/ DMK Oxygen Treatment Package

This is a highly result driven procedure, a favorite with many accompanied with a DMK Oxygen treatment and you will be wowed! Removing dead layers of skin in a skilled non-surgical technique. Supports new and healthy cells can also be used with peptide mask and transdermal infusion to create vibrant smooth and hydrated skin.

Package of 8 – $1960
Package of 12 – $2820

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Restoration Collagen Restored Therapy Package

Collagen induction therapy with stem cell infusion. Highly favored result driven treatment for someone on the go. Big changes in skin texture, elasticity, color. Watch as the wrinkles disappear!

Package of 6 – $2400
Package of 10 – $3500 (for deeper wrinkles and sagging)

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Dermatude is Here! The Non-Surgical Face-Lift & Skin Treatment

Learn About Dermatude Here

RESTORATION Remodeling Procedure or Six Layer Peel

Excellent in remodeling the texture, color, firmness of the skin. Tightens, brightens. Rid your skin of sun damage and age spots while firming it and making it healthy and vibrant again. This is a 7 treatment process over 6 weeks long. Suggested as the beginning package for any Restorative skin commitment

Package  – $3,000

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Restoration Repair Package

Restore smooth and brighten your skin with three highly effective treatments in one. Excellent for keeping your skin healthy and vibrant!

Package of 12 – $2400

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Restoration Peel and Rebuild Series

Beautiful brightening and tightening series with no downtime. Restores elasticity and collagen and leaves you with healthy vibrant skin hydrated skin.

Package of 6 – $1950 (SAVINGS 150.00)
Package of 8 – $2450 (SAVINGS 350.00)
Package of 12 – $3500 (SAVINGS 700.00)

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Restoration Specializes In A True Non-Surgical Facelift Package.

The healthy way of restoring skins elasticity and riding the face of unwanted lines from advanced aging. No more jowls, crows or marionettes.

Restoration restores pigmentation increasing circulation and natural glow back into skin. Acne, rosacea, psoriasis and scarring are all welcomed! Clients are pleased the with the effective, non-toxic and healthy therapies that are individually formulated for each person.

All treatments are formulated each session to optimize skins functionality and overall result.  3 month commitment done weekly 6,000

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